Confession:I do own a few of these and can vouch for their necessity on the road – which I will do on a case-by-case basis – but this is basically my wish list, nicely compiled. So you’re welcome, fam!

Most of these are extremely affordable and many, given the nature of travel items, are super small so feel free to pluck the ideas and use them as stocking stuffers as well!

And please, please whatever you do, resist the urge to buy the traveler in your life another set of mini shampoo bottles 😀

Stylish Canvas Backpack$38.99

A super stylish but useful backpack because no serious traveler leaves home without one, and because none of us look particularly chic in our ratty high school bag!



eBags Packing Cubes with Lifetime Warranty – $26.99

Packing cubes make keeping things organized and compact a cinch and they’re always designed to fit inside a carry-on, as an added bonus for the minimalist travelers.


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – $349.00

These are honestly #1 on my personal list. Crying babies, catcalling men, too much traffic filtering in to your hotel room to allow you to work – they’re all no match for a pair of cute and comfy noise cancelling headphones that still offer great sound. The fact that they’re wireless as well is a godsend for when you’re already dealing with bags and suitcases and don’t need any pesky cords getting in the way.


Refillable Spray/Perfume Bottles (4 Pack)$34.99

These are a game changer, especially for the female traveler. Easy to refill from almost any spray nozzle, they can be filled with perfume (their actual purpose) or any hair or face product, totally eliminating the need to carry around large and easily spill-able bottles. LOVE these. The different colours in this 4 pack will make it easy to tell them all apart!


Tarriss Digital Luggage Scale with Lifetime Warranty – $16.97

I actually do own a less sophisticated luggage scale that I’ve had forever and it has saved my life time and again. It takes up relatively little space in a bag but is amazing for the compulsive over-packer or over-shopper. No more airport anxiety!


Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Splashproof, Dustproof, Shockproof) – $23.59

I bought this for a friend a few months back and have been receiving rave reviews! The price point is unbeatable, the size is perfect, and it gives crisp, clear sound at a decent volume. Plus it’s basically life proof (that is a broad generalization and I don’t want no flack for any issues!).


Camera lenses for your phone$13.99

Honestly, if I had known these were SO inexpensive I would have bought them a long time ago! So many travelers are only using their camera phones nowadays and these are super compact and easy to throw into any bag. A MUST for anyone who likes taking pictures on the go.


GoPro Hero4$294.97

At almost $300 a pop, you’ll have to be feeling kinda generous to buy this one but I guarantee any traveler who doesn’t have one, wants one. Wants one reeeaalllll bad.


Professional Selfie Stick – $19.95

Because let’s get real – this is a total solo traveler game changer, and that’s ok. This one is compatible with most devices, making it worth the couple of extra dollars in my humble opinion.


Kindle Paperwhite – $119.99

Nothing replaces the feel of a real book in your hands, it’s true. But carting around a ton of books is just not the way anymore. Anyone who goes on more than one trip a year needs a kindle – I guarantee they (and their back!) will be thanking you for years to come. Mine has become indispensable to me on trips short or long.


Overboard waterproof phone case – $22.95

Cuz we all wanna be able to get awesome kayaking and dock-jumping shots, ya feel? This one is even big enough to store a few valuables or cash, it’s submersible, and it floats!


Molded Sleep Mask$9.99

Sleep masks are amazing for getting some shuteye on a plane or combatting jet lag in a sunny hostel. However I personally find the traditional ones can put pressure on the eyelid, making them uncomfortable and somewhat defeating the purpose. A quick search and I found these! Light and molded so nothing actually touches your eyelid, and as an added bonus they won’t smudge eye makeup (if a person happens to be wearing some!).


Well, hope this gift guide is helpful in ensuring the traveller in your life gets exactly what their heart desires! And prevents you from buying them a luggage tag and passport holder set 😉

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Happy holidays!

P&P Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Life


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