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Photography Challenge: Day 1 – Self Portrait

  • March 22, 2017
  • By Cynthia
Photography Challenge: Day 1 – Self Portrait

If you asked me to draw myself, this is what I would draw. I’d probably add in a book, but that was tricky for me to try to capture first thing in the morning before starting work and eventually I had to give in to minimal props 🙂
Give me a cosy chair, a hot coffee, and a window to stare out of while I read something delicious and thought-provoking and I feel whole. Hey! I think I finally have the answer for “what would you bring to a deserted island if you could only bring three things” question.
Postcards & Polkadots Self Portrait (Photo Challenge)
I actually have a similar picture that I captured years ago when I was living in Bolivia and I -hilariously? – kind of like it better. So I’m including it too. Because you know what? This is my blog and I can do what I want!
Postcards & Polkadots Self Portrait (Photo Challenge)
So…what three things would you put in your self portrait/bring to a deserted island??B
Check out the whole challenge here.

By Cynthia, March 22, 2017
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