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Photography Challenge: Day 20 – In My (Carry-On) Bag

  • May 6, 2017
  • By Cynthia

I edited today’s challengeB a touch to be about my carry-on bag, instead of just my bag.
In part, because I fancy myself a travel blogger first and foremost. And in part because I’m leaving for Scotland in less than a week and was actually packing my carry-on – so it just made sense!
So here we go! A handy little combining of the worlds (and a list below, in case that kind of thing interests you).
You may notice I pack basically any and everything that I wouldn’t want to lose or be without for two days – that’s key, in my opinion, for stress free travel. After many a luggage run-in, I opt to put as few things I would be chagrined to lose or have to do without for a while, in my checked luggage.
Which is also why I’ve recently started upgrading to a full wheelie carry-on in lieu of a backpack or bag.
Now you know!

In clear (and adorable pineapple) zippered case:
  • Kleenex
  • Wet wipes (for removing makeup, refreshing face and neck)
  • Travel Tide stick (for getting coffee out of your white shirtb&)
  • Hand sani
  • Small comb & bobby pins (cuz you never know WHAT those little airplane air ducts are gonna do to your baby hairs)
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush & floss
  • Sheet mask (first time I’m packing one on a long-haul flight and I’m excited to see how I look/feel after using it!)
  • Hand lotion & face lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Advil & Tums
  • Mascara & lash curler
  • Cute lipstick
  • Compact
  • Camphor oil (for cricked necks and sore shoulders and headaches, too!)
  • Mini perfume
The electronics:
  • Kindle
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Super awesome camera (Fujifilm X-T10 if you’re curious) (not pictured because itbs snapping this photo!)
  • Wireless headphones
  • All the associated plugs and chargers for the above!
The rest:
  • Wire headphones (for airplane jacks, of course)
  • Jewelry (I never put it in checked luggage)
  • Travel journal & markers for in-flight planning and doodling!
  • Compression socks (I only bring these for flights longer than 5 hours)
  • Eye mask
  • Water bottle + Emergen C (vitamin C) packet (because long-haul flights = ALL OF THE GERMS)
  • A giant, warm scarf to double as a blanket on chilly flights
  • A clif bar (or bar of some sort) because a) plane food is crazy priced, b) vegetarian problems, and c) I canbt physically go anywhere farther than my community without bsafety foodb (now you know!)
  • Eye glasses
  • House keys (cuz guys, itbs a bad idea to put those in your checked bagb&but you knew that, right?)
  • A document folder with reservations, vaccinations, anything pertinent
  • An empty backpack b for use throughout the trip, but handy to bring in carry-on in case you a) end up without your luggage or b) your luggage is overweight and you have to redistribute some things.
Not pictured:
  • Neck pillow I intend to purchase or borrow!
  • Small purse with passport, money, boarding passes, cards, chapstick, and gum.
  • Leather jacket (in case I get super cold and also because it cost too much to be thrown in checked luggage!)
  • A change of undies and socks and a clean tee shirt – just in case!
There you have it, folks!
Do you bring anything that I don’t but should know about so I can copy you and live a happier travel life!?B p,
By Cynthia, May 6, 2017
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