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I was born in your classic small town Canada and…ok, that’s an embellishment for dramatic effect

It was a small-ish and not overly awful city, but as a teenager I did feel classically “trapped” and longed to get out and see the great, big world on my own terms. Cue the Phil Collins, amiright?

At 15 I went to the Dominican Republic – my first “foreign” destination – and I haven’t looked back since. At 18 I moved to Australia by myself and learned what I was made of (hint: like, steel and shit).

I’ve seen 25 countries, which for many travellers doesn’t seem like a lot, I know. But I’ve spent months and sometimes even years in some of them and learned so much about other cultures and ways of thinking that I feel downright rich with experience. Travel is hands down my favourite thing in the world, but it’s a different experience than fully living somewhere else.

I write about all of these things – the trips, the cultures, the regular life and the exciting and occasionally glamorous stuff – in this blog.

I’m currently based in Canada after most of four years abroad. Not sure where I’ll be next, but I bet it’ll be somewhere great 🙂

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~ Cynthia ~

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