I had a whole reflective piece written here about Valentine’s Day and what it’s meant to me over the years, how that’s changed, and how that is reflected in this photo shoot…

And then I just thought “f**k it, let’s be real about this” and so I’m writing this instead:

A few weeks back I bought a cool new hat and made up a cute outfit in my head and then decided it would be adorable enough to create a post. Once I came up with the punny title based on the colour of said hat (you guys know full well I cannot and will not resist a pun), I knew I had the makings of Valentine’s Day gold. Or like Valentine’s Day sterling silver at the very least. Ya feel?

So that’s what this is. This is me loving fashion, having a totally fun time doing a photo shoot with a friend (IG: @catherinehesketh), and then tossing in the true love of my life at the end for some laughs (you’ll see).

I hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as I enjoyed the process…all for the sake of a few of my favourite things 🙂

It’s wine. Wine is my one true love. 😀 But you guys totally suspected as much, didn’t you?

What will you do for Valentine’s Day this year, friends!? Will you celebrate with your love? Have a Galentine’s feast? Or do something in self love instead?

Similar leather jacket/Faux leather option/Suede option
Similar hat here/Or here
Similar sweater here/Or here/Or here
Levis Jeans
Similar boots here/Or here
Similar purse
/Another option

Thank you so much to my friend @catherinehesketh for taking these beautiful shots and editing them all for me! <3

What do you think?