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Photography Challenge: Day 14 – Eyes

My best friend has the most amazing eyes – they totally draw you in.

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By Cynthia, April 16, 2017

Photography Challenge: Day 12 – Sunset

Can I be forgiven for this being a sunrise instead of a sunset? The composition of the two is the same, is it not!?

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By Cynthia, April 11, 2017

Photography Challenge: Day 11 – Something Blue

A classic Havana street corner and lots of blue to be found – when the blue car showed up it was just icing on the cake!

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By Cynthia, April 10, 2017

Photography Challenge: Day 10 – Childhood Memory

No one said it had to be my childhood memory, right? Taken in Havana, Cuba, with permission from the dad.

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By Cynthia, April 9, 2017

Photography Challenge: Day 9 – Someone You Love

There are many someones I love but I was so grateful when I realized I’d be visiting my Dad on the day of this particular challenge because he is the someone I have loved the longest.

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By Cynthia, April 5, 2017
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Photography Challenge: Day 8 – Routine

My daily beauty routine because it’s one of the only constant habits I keep!

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By Cynthia, March 31, 2017
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