Far be it for me to opine sincerely on the prettiest anything in the world, quite frankly, but the Glasgow Necropolis really blew me away and I couldn’t resist a strong opinion on the matter.

In large part because I don’t generally like cemeteries; often preferring not to visit them when touring countries unless someone else in my party insists upon seeing them.

I’ve visited the famed La Recoleta in Buenos Aires, passed through the “most haunted graveyard in the world” – GreyFriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, experienced All Saints Day at a cemetery in Bolivia, and rolled through others for various reasons (including the usual reason: loss).

All of which is to say, I feel my opinion that the Necropolis is the prettiest one in the world – while hyperbolic – is still somewhat just 😉

It is a fairly large cemetery, at 37 acres, with winding pathways that switchback all the way up and down the sides of the small hills upon which the cemetery is perched.

Glasgow's Necropolis Cemetery

Glasgow's Necropolis CemeteryEach hill offers a new view of the grounds below and the city centre.

And did I mention there’s also a very gorgeous cathedral on the grounds? You can see its’ green roof in some of the photos above. I was lucky enough to pop in (respectfully) for a few photos while someone was playing the organ and it was incredible.Glasgow's Necropolis Cemetery

Here’s a little tip from me to you:

You can get a great view of the entire Necropolis from the third floor of the religious museum near the Cathedral at the Necropolis. Entrance is by donation. Windows may make it tough for photos – but it’s still worth the lookout!

What do you think? Have you been to a prettier cemetery than this one?

Glasgow's Necropolis Cemetery

What do you think?