I really feel like my dual nature (Gemini twins, yo!) is rarely so obvious as in the way I dress from one day or event to the next.

Most days I head to work dressed in something that falls between equestrian and older man. I love me some riding boots and vintage blazers.

But when I go out into the world just as “me” without needing to put off a professional vibe, I really tend more toward hipster-meets-teenager-meets-latina-wannabe.

It’s complicated?

But it made me giggle as I debated which of these outfits to photograph. I wore both today, after all, so they both qualify. Naturally, I opted to share them side by side instead of choose just one.

The twins in me would be so proud.

Postcards & Polkadots What I Wore (Photo Challenge)

And yes, those are bananas on my shirt.

Photography people – is the warmth of the photo on the left or the more exposed light on the right preferable? I had a hard time editing them to look the same but would love to know what you think!

Challenge details can be found here – wanna play along!?

What do you think?