Mon Dad.

Honestly, he’s just my favourite person in the world – as anyone who has ever met me already knows. My dad is always ready with a story and – for me, anyways – has always embodied unconditional love. He’s funny, warm, forgiving, loving, hard-working, honest, ethical, and constantly evolving.

No matter the choices I make, the places I go, the more progressive/radical/social I become, he never ever wavers in loving me, never rolls his eyes at me or discounts me as “too” this or that, never tries to quiet me, never makes me feel small, always builds me up and reminds me I’m a good person, tells me I’m not crazy when I feel it, always thinks of me and tries to help me navigate this weird world.

I just love him so much. Thanks for being the best dad in the whole world dad, and for always being my number one fan.

And did I mention he put up with me forcing him to strike a pose in public so I could practice getting a portrait, all the while trying to make him laugh while the whole world stared at us? I told you he was the best.

What do you think?