So I combined these two challenges because a) I wasn’t overly inspired by the technology challenge (does that make me a bad student?) and b) because it made sense. As I’m thinking about what and who I am on a regular, daily basis, it seemed only fitting to include my cell phone and my wireless headphones – two things that accompany me nearly everywhere my shoes take me.

But I get ahead of myself…

To be clear, these are not the nicest or the most interesting shoes I own. But it occurred to me that I wear my running shoes more than I wear any other shoes at this point – a real first for me. In all of my nearly 33 years, I can honestly say there has never been a time where I wore running shoes more than “here and there”.

But ever since January, I’ve been constantly on the move. To the gym most mornings, outside for runs when the weather permits, long walks by the river with my pug, and frankly a lot of casual weekend days in jeans and sneakers.

I guess this is me now?

What do you think?