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My 5 Favourite Fashion Blogs

  • November 28, 2016
  • By Cynthia

While Instagram has become my new favourite way to find style inspo, there are still a few blogs I go back to time again for fashion insight – or let’s be real, a few bloggers whose Instagram I stalk religiously and then occasionally check out in full on their blogs. Because time 🙂
Consider it a guilty pleasure or indulgence if you choose, but I love seeing how people put together an outfit that sticks in your mind and presents you to the world in the way you want to be seen.
And then trying to recreate that vibe in my own way, with my own (generally much less expensive) wardrobe, obviously.
P&P My 5 Favourite Fashion Blogs

Collage Vintage

If imitationB is the sincerest form of flattery, then Collage VintageB should consider herself flattered indeed. I’m not sure there’s a blogger out there whose style I try to emulate more! Her personal style, travel photos, and entire blog are a dream of fashion forward, boho inspired, washed out dreaminess. She blogs in Spanish and English, which I mean…amazing right?

P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - Collage VintageHappily Grey

Happily Grey does wasp-ish so well it almost hurts. I don’t aspire to be a beautiful, thin, blonde woman, but damned if I don’t appreciate the way her moody style creates the dream of it all. Plus her looks often have just the merest whiff of tomboy and/or boho, something that very much appeals to me and keeps me coming back for more.
P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - Happily Grey

Color Me Courtney

While her style is not so much my style, I love seeing Color Me Courtney represent a slightly more robust figure (and I do mean, slightly), I enjoy her upbeat persona, and I love her colourful posts – even if all that colour is not so much me. Take a look around her site if you also love pink and everything girly – I think you’ll be, frankly, charmed.
P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - Color Me Courtney

Kendi Everyday

I used to follow Kendi Everyday religiously but as her style has changed over the years, it resonates with me a little less. That being said, I think she does what she does exceptionally well and I still look to her Instagram for inspiration and styling ideas on the regular.
P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - Kendi Everyday

The Sartorialist

Chances are you’ve heard of The Sartorialist. If not, you’re truly missing out. He’s a street fashion photographer and he always manages to find people who embody what “owning it” really means, all the while coaxing their personality to shine through a quick snap as they go about their lives. Truly inspirational and just tons of fun. I prefer to follow on Instagram.
P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - The Sartorialist
P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - The Sartorialist


I have been following GoFugYourself for so many years now, and it’s the only place I go for celebrity fashion. Partly because they do it best and cover it ALL, and largely because there’s noB unnecessary bitchiness and a flat out refusal to body shame. Plus they still manage to be sarcastic and funny. Yes! This site is my favourite site when I need a 10 minute brain break, by far.

P&P Favourite Fashion Blogs - GoFugYourself

Source: Getty Images via GoFugYourself

Who is your style inspiration and what blogs/instagrams do you check for style ideas?


By Cynthia, November 28, 2016
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