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30 Day Photography Challenge

  • March 20, 2017
  • By Cynthia
30 Day Photography Challenge

So I’ve been obsessed with photography for years now, and one big promise I made myself coming home was that I’d find a way to buy myself a good, professional level camera (without getting into the crazy super professional ones because that’s insane as a beginner).
I did an absolute ton of research and fell in love with the FujiFilm X-T10 for it’s sleek style and nod to the vintage, simple dials that seemed user friendly, the many beautiful photos taken using it by other travel bloggers I follow, and the fact that it’s mirrorless – meaning it’s less heavy to carry around all day every day while travelling, a super important aspect to me.
I am absolutely in love with it and also well aware that I have not only a TON to learn about using the camera itself, but also loads to learn about photography in general. I know it will be a process.
However I wanted to challenge myself to get after it and learn something every day, so I googled around and found this cool challenge (and handy graphic) on Pinterest. It lays out one goal per day with a ton of flexibility around how to approach each subject. And as you can see, the subject matter varies greatly. Perfect for a newbie travel meets lifestyle-esqueB blogger-photographer such as myself, right?
Even more relevant because almost half of the challenge will fall while I am in Cuba – here’s hoping I can find lots of cool ways to stretch myself as a newbie photographer among such amazing inspiration!
I’ll publish a unique post daily for each photo with a brief description of what led me to that photo. If you decide to take the challenge, be sure to leave me a comment so I can follow yours. And if you have any great online resources please share. I need all the help I can get!

If you know where this graphic and challenge came from, please let me know! I was unable to track it to the original owner/creator!

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By Cynthia, March 20, 2017
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