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Stocking Stuffers Under $20 for Everyone in Your Home

  • November 19, 2018
  • By Cynthia
Stocking Stuffers Under $20 for Everyone in Your Home

I…don’t want to brag here but…I’m kinda known for being an awesome Santa and stuffing pretty great stockings, on a reasonable budget.

It may not be the most useful skill in the world, sure, but it’s one I’ve honed over the years and one I like to think gives me a little street cred when it comes to Christmas time.

So I’m sharing my secrets with you all today. Or one might say, spreading Christmas cheer. Adding some jolly to your holly-day. Bringing joy to your world. Wishing you peace on earth and good will among men.


Let’s get to it, shall we?

For anyone

A favourite magazine. Wired, Bitch, or National Geographic are some of the ones I recommend. But the beauty of this, is you can find one for any interest or hobby.

A paperback book. A thriller, a romance, an inspirational bestseller, or an old classic – it doesn’t matter. Books should always be in the mix!

Non-descript but effective lip balm. My personal fave (that everyone seems to steal) is Burt’s Bees Original.

Gourmet or cool food stuffs. These can be a splurge, hard to find, or just a nice treat. I recommend powdered peanut butter (amazing for smoothies), everything but the bagel sesame seasoning, some super fancy and healthy hot chocolate, or a bag of delicious coffee beans.

Fitbit Charger 2 Bands. There’s a million choices for all preferences, male and female and unisex. I like the simplicity of these ones in the simple metallics (and also the pink).

A sleek business card holder. Most of us adults can use one, and every time I pull mine out (a memento from South Korea), peopole ooohh and aaahhh. These ones are sleek, unisex, and nerdy fun.

Scratch lotto tickets. Because they’re always fun and it’s exciting to think how many times the gift could multiply in the event that they win!

Travel versions of their fave toiletries. Or just awesome toiletries. Lush shampoo bars are wicked for those of us who try to avoid checking luggage. But mini perfumes (or perfume diffusers), mini after shave, mini bars of soap, and nice mini makeup are all majorly useful.

A super cool, collapsible travel mug. Comes in your regular sizes, but folds down when you’re not using it, making it much easier to pack around than the travel mugs of the past.

For men

Socks. Go classic or fun, depending on the guy!

Underwear. Because it really feels like they struggle to understand that holes are not a good look. You know?

A tie. A fun tie if he’s lighthearted or a classic tie for the more traditional type. 

Something nerdy from his favourite genre. Most men can be entertained for hours by a toy from their favourite nerdy genre. Think Star Wars Lego or a Game of Thrones Funko.

Aftershave. Go for something very simple, or something a little special, depending on the dude.

“Manly” bar soap. Maybe this is silly, but I’ve never met a man who didn’t use bar soap. So I say, go ahead and get them something ridiculously “manly” because it’s funny and also, they WILL smell nice. Bonus points for this one that’s a musky all-in-one soap.

For women

Mascara. But not just any mascara, because we often have a preference, so try to figure out which one she uses. My favourite, and the only one I’ve used consistently since I was 16, is this one from Clinique (they’re currently having their semi-yearly giving event where you can get loads of free minis with purchase so you could load up on awesome stocking loot – or split them out between a few women in your life!).

Nice hand cream never goes awry, especially in the dead of winter. Soft cocoa or shea, vanilla or even rose smells suit most. Forget the melon or berry smells, they’re way more specific to certain preferences.

Cute socks. Skip the kiddish, fuzzy ones. Go for cute and chic with baby animals or fun stripes so they can be useful outside of the home, too.

Essential oils. Get just one or consider a whole set, but there’s so many uses for these guys that they’re a guaranteed hit. My fave thing (gleaned from a friend) is to add a drop into a humidifier!

A new makeup brush set. Look for good reviews and cute colours. If a woman in your life wears makeup, chances are she could use a new brush set (or at the very least, some makeup brush cleaner).

Adult colouring books. There’s everything from mandalas to unicorns to swear-ific options, so you can personalize to the person for whom you are buying.

For kids

With adults, I always suggest fewer, nicer items. But kids love quantity! So go for more smaller items and watch the joy of pulling more and more things out of their sock.

Anything scienc-y but fun. Think Glow in the Dark Slime or a Volcano Science Kit! If the box is too big, just remove everything (keep the box in case of returns) and put into a soft sock or bag inside the stocking.

Travel games. Think small and fun enough that they’d be willing to put down the iPad and do these instead!

Books. Because yes I’m a nerd, and yes I think it’s important to encourage intelligence and literacy in children, both young and a little older.

For dogs

A new chew toy. My Daisy pug always loves a new skinny, squeaky toy!

A bone or fancy treat or just anything they can chew.

Doggy body spray. A delight for you and for them.

New bowls that keep the area around the dishes clean. Especially useful if your dog is a pug… 😉

Happy holidays, to you and yours! Remember – a little thought is a lot more important than spending money 🙂

P.S. Here’s an incredibly large list of gift ideas for all the women in your life!

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. This means that, if you decide to purchase something through my links, I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

By Cynthia, November 19, 2018
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