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If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. – Lewis Carroll, Adventures in Wonderland

At 15 I went to the Dominican Republic – my first “foreign” destination – and I haven’t looked back since. At 18 I moved to Australia by myself and learned what I was made of (hint: like, steel and shit). After that it was a semester in Chile, backpacking South America, a few weeks in Europe and on and on..

I’ve seen 25 countries, which for many travellers doesn’t seem like a lot, I know. But I’ve spent months and sometimes even years in some of them, and learned so much about other cultures and ways of thinking that I feel downright rich with experience. Travel is hands down my favourite thing in the world, but it’s a different experience than fully living somewhere else.

I write about all of these things – the trips, the cultures, the regular life and the exciting and occasionally glamorous stuff – in this blog. I also like to share my adventures in vintage and high-low style, home (when I have one), books and more. Basically, I like to write and sneaked into the millennial over-sharing mindset. Like it or leave it!

I’m currently based in Canada after most of four years abroad. I’m not sure for how long, but my new philosophy is to treat every place – even “home” – like the adventure it is.

Thanks for stopping by – feel free to leave a comment and say hi or email me at postcardsandpolkadots@gmail.com

~ Cynthia ~

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